Have you ever wondered what your home can do for you? That's a question easily answered by iQreative, a company specialised in technical security and smart homes, with a team committed to making dreams come true with higher quality and certified equipment.

iQreative, based in Almancil is certified by control4, which is known as the best brand in the world of home automation.

Quality, exclusivity and transparency

In addition to making our lives easier and safer through multiple functions, the iQreative team shares values of transparency to give customers the ability to follow the entire process, orders, etc.

“Everything we propose to our customer, from the cables to every part of the structured network, from all audio and video distribution equipment, everything we place in the customer's property has a certification and we show that detailed information to our client. The client knows, for sure, what he is buying”, pointed out the CEO, Hernani Borges.

“We are creating a client area on our website, where the client can follow the work step by step, from the installation of the equipment, to the arrival of the ordered materials, all in one click. The customer will be able to keep up-to-date with this information in real time”, he added.

Based on these principals, Hernani Borges, co-founder of the company together with João Neto, decided to use his experience as technical director at Quinta do Lago for five years, to apply to his own business. Now, in this new chapter he has decided to provide a service that is compatible with the value clients pay. “I learned to value customers and the money they paid above all”, said Hernani Borges.

Smart homes: Give your imagination free rein

Saying that everything is possible is not enough to describe how versatile a smart home can be. From simplifying everyday tasks, to getting home and finding the right temperature or hot water in the bath so you can quickly go into the bath after travelling.

The entire system allows you to create a comfortable environment, in which your home can also integrate your routines and feel when you are getting close.

For example: “If when you arrive you usually place the keys in a specific site, the house automatically turns on the lights so you can place the keys there. Or if you are arriving, the house will sense that you are getting close and will start preparing the environment to receive you by turning on the oven and the hot water, if that’s what you usually do when arrive”.

Regarding entering the house, there are also several options to be considered by the client. Facial recognition, fingerprint, using the phone or via Bluetooth are some of possibilities, in which maximum security is guaranteed.

After all these tempting solutions, a question arises: Should I automate my home?

Green house

In these smart houses, energy efficiency is a big priority. In fact, smart houses will allow you to save on electricity bills, and consequently reduce your carbon footprint. Do you want to know how?

“The house knows if there is waste, for example, if the A/C is on and there is an open door, the system will act accordingly, lowering the temperature of the air conditioning or turning it off according to the temperature in your home”, he said.

“In addition, it is able to do a preventive maintenance of equipment, as it can check if there is a machine that starts to have an error or any problem and you can repair it before it completely breaks down and then has to be replaced, so there are many advantages that home automation system ends up bringing to the client and many assets at the level of energy efficiency”, said the CEO.

Health care

Smart homes will not only increase your comfort level, they can also prevent disasters. Nowadays it's possible for the home to be able to understand if something is wrong with you and ask for help directly at a hospital emergency or for a relative. The sensors detect if they feel screams, changes in heart rate and even a request for help.

Well-structured network

One of the concerns that arise when setting up this type of product is its quality, since a poor installation can even leave your dreams shattered. That's what Hernani told us when talking about the importance of having a well-structured network.

“The systems we install are systems that actually work, it may seem obvious to say, but the truth is that there are cases in which the systems don’t work properly. These situations occur due to a single reason: the network is not well structured. A well-structured network is the key point for everything, without a well-structured network, the system will never work well, even with the best systems in the world, that's why we have technicians specialised in the structured network level”, he explained.


Perhaps you are wondering, what if the electricity is cut off for some reason? Well, that's not a problem when you have a good backup. “We place power backups so, in the case of a power failure, the system will keep working in 2 or 3 hours until the problem is resolved. In addition, backups also protect the investment made by the client, preventing power surges from damaging the equipment”.

Technical security integration

Unfortunately, with the pandemic, the fear of robbery increased. As we know, when an economic crisis crosses a country, crime also tends to increase.

For that reason, security systems are in high demand by his clients, Hernani said, explaining that the services they offer really prevents the problem from happening, rather than trying to recover the damage.

There are countless different modern products you can install in your home, office and industry, but just to give you an idea, iQreative systems let you know that something is about to happen, or that something is out of the normal, that's important to prevent crime from happening and not just to see what happened the next day when there is little you can do.

“We have cameras, for example, for commercial areas, to detect if someone is approaching the front door and automatically inform them that on the third notice the police will be called to the scene,” he said. After that, the system can provide very important details to the police, such as whether the criminal was carrying an object or what predominant colour he is wearing.

In addition, its cameras also detect if someone is in trouble, and can trigger alarms in cases of violence or falls. For example, in an accident at work, the camera gives this alert”, he told The Portugal News.

If you're curious, don't miss the opportunity to visit the iQreative’s showroom in Almancil where you can try out many of the products and stay up to date with the most modern systems regarding smart homes and security systems. For more information, please visit the website at https://iqreative.net/


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