“Monday. Nothing a cocktail can’t fix”

Born in Japan, now based in New York and based in New York City, Masahiro Urushido is recognized as an ambassador of Japanese bartending techniques.

With over 20 years of experience he is a managing partner, head bartender, and director of Katana Kitten, a groundbreaking Japanese-American cocktail bar in New York City’s West Village (co-created with Cocktail Kingdom Hospitality Group’s Greg Boehm and James Tun).

Michael Anstendig is editor in chief at Hanna Lee Communications, an award-winning, international hospitality and travel PR agency based in New York City and among other things he is a founding board member of the Museum of Food & Drink.

This book is dedicated to the craft of Japanese cocktail making. Urushido explores the Japanese approach to cocktails, looking at the techniques that have been handed down over generations. The accompanying photographs are amazing.

Be prepared to go on a sensory and joyful trip over the course of the book. If you are a fan of cocktails then you will not want to miss this guide. We get the history of each drink and how to make them. There are stories and even a few bar food recipes. An all round great book!

This is a book you want to share with others and it will look amazing on your coffee table!