The Citroën AMI has officially arrived in Portugal and can be bought direct from the dealer or also from selected FNAC stores across the country.

The car promises to “revolutionise” the automobile industry with this small but perfectly formed vehicle taking only three hours to charge, being able to transport up to two people at a time and reaching top speeds of 45 kilometres per hour.

What makes this car stand out from the crowd is not only the ability to buy one from FNAC, it can also be driven legally in Portugal by those over the age of 16 who hold a category B1 license, while the price point, between €7,350 and €8,710, makes it a more affordable option for a new car.

The car is designed for short journeys and city driving with a range of 74 kilometres. The battery is a 5.5 kWh lithium ion battery and can be fully charged in just three hours from a standard 220 volt electrical outlet, using the cable that is included with the vehicle. However, you can also charge it in a Wallbox, through an adapted cable, or in any public electrical outlet.