The lighting of the beach located next to the south jetty, was turned on for the first time on 6 September between 8pm and midnight to ensure a “different type of sports” according to the municipality.

The installation of lighting, which represented an investment of €75,000 euros, arose from a proposal in the Participatory Budget of Figueira da Foz, which did not win, but which the municipality decided to take advantage of, "because of the significant number of participants and voters", said the mayor of Figueira da Foz, Carlos Monteiro.

In 2019, there was a pilot experiment to test wave lighting, with a temporary structure.

The night lighting is expected to run until “October or November” and “In this experimental period, we are working with the Porto captain and with the surf associations and schools that operate in Cabedelo, until we create a regulation”.

Later, it will be the Captaincy that will give the guarantee, depending on the conditions of the sea, with the system only being turned on “upon request from surf schools or any association that arises for this purpose”, he explained.

The system works using remote management and can be turned on or off at any point.

“From our perspective, this will have an impact. It's a differentiating offer. I don't know, neither in Portugal nor in Europe, any surfing and bodyboarding zones with night lighting”, said Carlos Monteiro, noting that this system could also be useful for competitions and championships, as “the time limit will not be so tight”.

The night lighting was part of a requalification project for the entire Cabedelo area, which included two contracts (one for €2.6 million and the other for €2 million).