Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms right now. According to recent reports, it enjoys over a billion active global users each month.

No wonder there are a lot of businesses that prioritize it in their digital marketing campaigns. Saying that it has a large audience is an understatement.

However, Instagram’s reach doesn’t automatically ensure that your profile is going to get noticed. After all, more active users also translate to more posts competing with each other’s attention.

To give you an idea, recent statistics state that 1,074 photos get uploaded every second. That’s almost 65,000 posts per minute and roughly four million posts per hour.

It is a highly competitive world out there. Fortunately, there are ways to boost your Instagram presence. Buying Instagram followers and likes from reputable companies like Stormlikes, for instance, is a great way to get an instant boost.

That said, let's talk about buying followers and likes, the best places to get them from, why they are necessary, and more.

Instagram Followers and Likes

There are different types of Instagram engagement, but followers and likes are definitely the most basic and important. As their names suggest, these metrics measure how many followers you have and how much people appreciate each of your posts, respectively.

These numbers can help you gauge how far your reach is, but more importantly, they can encourage more people to tune in to your profile thanks to social proof.

What Is Social Proof?

In a nutshell, social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people are more open to trying new things if there’s evidence that other people have tried it. While you can certainly achieve social proof with the help of an influencer, social proof, in the end, is still a numbers game.

That means the more followers you currently have, the more followers you’ll likely attract in the future.

Why Buying Instagram Followers and Likes Are Necessary

You can always grow your Instagram engagement organically by sharing compelling and relevant posts regularly. However, it will take some time to do so. After all, as mentioned, your posts will be competing with the millions of other posts published every hour.

It can take months or years before you reach enough numbers to trigger social proof. That is why buying Instagram followers and likes is necessary. It gives your profile and posts the necessary boost to get the “social media machine” going, at least until it hits that point where it can stand on its own. We recommend to check out Us Magazine and Men’s Journal posts to check out more about Engagement options.

There are also other reasons to consider buying Instagram engagement aside from gaining even more of them in the near future.

1. Drives Traffic To Your Other Social Media Channels

Do you know what else is so fascinating about growing your engagement in one social media profile? It can drive traffic to other channels as well.

The social proof chain reaction that buying Instagram followers and likes triggers won’t just increase your engagement on this platform. It can also encourage your audience to check out your other accounts like your Facebook page or YouTube channel.

2. Increases Brand Recognition

Having many followers and likes on Instagram shows that there is an existing number of people that already recognize your brand. This will then influence people to think that maybe, they should recognize you too.

There’s a catch, though. We highly recommend making an effort to publish quality posts so that your users won’t think that your engagement is paid, or worse, “fake”.

3. Can Generate Revenue

Finally, buying more Instagram followers and likes can generate revenue for two reasons.

First, it shows that your brand has already established trust with its patrons. A lot of people take this as a good sign that this business is safe to transact with.

At the same time, an Instagram profile that gets a lot of attention also presents an opportunity to promote or even partner up with other brands. This can generate some extra income for you too.

Indeed, buying Instagram engagement presents a lot of benefits. We’re sure that you’ll discover more of its perks later on. For now, though, let’s focus on the next challenge: Where should you buy your Instagram engagement?

Where To Buy Instagram Followers and Likes

You need to choose a reputable company to work with一a social media marketing group that won’t deliver engagement produced by bots. Otherwise, it will put your account at serious risk.

Fortunately, it is possible to get your followers and likes from real people. In fact, the companies that we’ll share with you won’t even ask for your log-in credentials.

Both steps ensure that you only get quality engagement that won’t put your business’ online reputation and cybersecurity in trouble.

1. Stormlikes

Finally, our line-up of reputable companies won’t be complete without the best site to buy Instagram followers. Like Social-Viral, Stormlikes also caters to multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Twitch, and Spotify.

They have four Instagram-related engagement services: followers, likes, auto likes, and views. Each of these service categories is also available in different packages depending on your needs.

What we like best about Stormlikes, though, is the fact that they offer you an option to choose between high-quality and premium plans. Their high-quality plans allow you to buy Instagram followers cheap. Don’t worry, it will still deliver engagement coming from real people as promised, but they won’t be as interactive with your account.

Premium plans, on the other hand, mean that you’ll get engagement from people who are willing to engage with your brand. They might even recommend your account to their family and friends.

Buy Instagram followers from

2. Social-Viral

Yes, Instagram-focused sites do give them that added expertise. However, we also get how inconvenient it can be to deal with multiple social media marketing companies to handle each of your accounts.

Hence, those who are juggling between accounts will surely find Social-Viral convenient. This all-in-one company also provides engagement services for Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and more.

They have a wide range of Instagram-related services: followers, likes, auto likes, views, and comments.

Each of their services has different tiers you can choose from. For instance, they offer six followers packages ranging from 50 to 5,000 followers. Meanwhile, they have eight likes packages ranging from 50 to 10,000 likes.

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Those who want to try buying Instagram engagement can start with They have a sleek and professional platform that can put one’s mind at ease. Aside from that, they have really affordable plans that won’t break your bank.

We also like that they are an Instagram-focused platform. We feel that it gives them further expertise than other companies that handle other social media networks. They have three services, namely followers, likes, and views.

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Buying Instagram Followers and Likes Is Not the End

We have been talking about all the good things that buying Instagram engagement can bring. That said, we will be remiss if we don’t remind you that this is not a ticket to instant Instagram success. It will still take a lot of work to make the most out of your new followers and likes.

As we have mentioned, you will need quality posts to back up your claim of having as many followers as you have purchased. This will legitimize your profile and prevent the issues that naysayers warn against buying engagement.

We recommend checking Buzzfeed’s list of creative ideas when you’re snapping all those Insta-worthy photos. You want your posts to stand out and provide value at the same time. Don’t forget to let your brand’s unique personality show through your content as well.

Meanwhile, you might also want to read Hubspot’s Instagram Marketing guide. They have many useful tips on how to develop a marketing strategy, from how to set your goals to how to establish an organic follower base.

You will need both一interesting posts and a well-thought-out strategy一to back up your new followers and likes and finally achieve an impactful Instagram presence.

Grow Your Instagram Network Now!

You don’t have to wait years before your Instagram profile can take off. There are ways to buy IG likes and Instagram followers cheap. We hope that this quick guide and our line-up of favorite social media marketing companies help you find the best site to buy Instagram followers for your growing brand.

Always remember that this is only the start of your Instagram journey. Still we are confident that you will eventually achieve Instagram success by keeping the tips that we have shared with you in mind.