Only 0.3 percent of those registered on the electoral roll were born outside Portugal, with Lisbon, Faro and Setúbal having the largest number of foreign voters.

In total there are 9,323,688 citizens registered on the electoral roll for the municipal elections scheduled for 26 September according to the Ministry of Internal Administration.

The census data also show that 29,814 are foreigners, of which 13,924 are from Member States of the European Union and 15,890 from third countries, with emphasis on Cape Verde, Brazil, the United Kingdom and Venezuela.

The districts with the most foreign voters registered to vote in the next municipal elections are Lisbon (10,408), Faro (8,824), Setúbal (2,708), Leiria (1,108), Porto (1,046) and Beja (936), according to data collected by ECO.