We both contracted Covid in January this year and in early August we booked a vaccination at the Loule Sports and Covid inoculation centre. When we got there and although we registered many months ago in 2020 but were never contacted, and they asked how old I was, “65” I said and after some consultation with the head nurse they said “ok, come and get it”. They gave may wife, 55 yrs, Moderna and myself Astra Zeneca. Our 25-year-old son was given Johnson - a 1 jab hit. Well we were told only 1 is required as we already had the antibodies. Well this is not accepted in UK, so we found out much to our chagrin, so now we are in limbo - go to UK and spend 14 days there in isolation or maybe a 5 day release test.

What a load of bxxxxxxx! Covid 19 is a WORLD problem - can the governments of the World not agree on anything? Are we all going mad? Could anyone with half a brain and “in charge” not get up and say “STOP lets rationalise this”, one rule, all the same and sorted!” No, that would be too easy, the idiots that run our countries, Portugal, UK, France, Germany etc are so up their own backsides, they forgot that people matter, not blacks, whites, greens, PEOPLE. So even with a booster shot in the future, who knows when, we can’t go to UK without 14 days isolation, why, because we didn’t get two shots. Its not UK, EU, America, rest of World Its all OF US! What a bunch of morons that run this World and like sheep we follow.....idiots!

Stand up and be counted!

Mark Wylie,

By email