"Considering the phased reopening of the Entreposto de Santa Maria, there is thus a need to adjust the regulation of the fishery, including the albacore tuna species (Thunnus alalunga)".

In the previous decree, published on 2 September, only the fishing of tuna on the islands of Pico, Terceira, São Miguel and Santa Maria was regulated.

The quantities now allowed are similar, with the exception of the island of Santa Maria, where the “catching, keeping on board, transshipment and unloading” of tuna was limited to “four tonnes, per period of four days”.

Vessels with an overall length (CFF) of 20 metres or more were authorised to capture and unload 10 tonnes for every four days, but only on the islands of Pico and Terceira, and this limit has now been extended to the islands of São Miguel and Santa Maria.

The limits for smaller vessels remain unchanged, only now including the island of Santa Maria and albacore tuna.

Thus, vessels with a CFF less than 20 meters and greater than or equal to 14 meters can capture and unload up to eight tonnes, for every four days, and vessels with an interior CFF of 14 meters and greater than or equal to nine meters, up to four tons, for every four days.

Smaller vessels, with a CFF of less than nine meters, can only capture and unload one tonne per day.