In a statement, the PJ states that, through its Criminal Investigation Department of Leiria, it detained, on Tuesday, “three suspects of crimes of abduction, attempted murder, damage with firearms and child sexual abuse, in the cities of Leiria and Marinha Grande, following the issuance of the respective warrants” by the Department of Investigation and Criminal Action of Leiria.

This operation follows another, carried out on June 22, when three men and two women, aged between 26 and 51, were arrested, suspected of having committed the same facts, and who are in preventive detention.

A sixth person has also been identified as being involved in the crimes.

The PJ explains in the statement issued today that this case was triggered "by a family's refusal to accept the 'marriage' of their 13-year-old daughter with a boy of the same age."

"The suspects, the boy's relatives, now all detained and indicted for those crimes, started several criminal actions that, at first, were embodied in the attempt to shoot the child's father, damage with a firearm, namely in a vehicle and in a house, and attempted abduction of the child, and in a second moment, in the consummation of the abduction and in the attempt for the latter to consummate sexual relations with the forced suitor”, reads the statement.

The minor was released the day after the abduction.

The PJ adds that the defendants are between 24 and 30 years old, "have no known work occupation and all have police and criminal records."

According to the PJ, which had the collaboration of the PSP of Marinha Grande, the detainees will be presented to the judicial authority for the possible application of other coercive measures.

A source from the PJ told the Lusa agency that the detainees were men.