In front of the Municipality of Matosinhos, in the Porto district, around a hundred workers accused the prime minister, António Costa of lying about the closure of the refinery, demanding respect for those who lost their jobs.

Coordinator of the Workers Commission (CT) of the Galp Energia group company, Hélder Guerreiro, stated that they will not give up on the future of Matosinhos.

Strongly condemning the statements made last Sunday by António Costa who, during a campaign for local elections in Matosinhos, as secretary general of the PS, said that "it was difficult to imagine so much nonsense, so much nonsense, so much insensitivity" as Galp demonstrated at the closing of the Matosinhos refinery, promising an “exemplary lesson” to the company, Hélder Guerreiro asked him to move from words to action.

"If you want to teach Galp a lesson, we are going to reinstate the fired workers and put the refinery to work for the country and the region," he said.

Speaking of a social crime committed in Matosinhos, in the Porto Metropolitan Area, in the region and in the country, the CT coordinator recalled that the prime minister never responded to workers' appeals and that, only now on the eve of elections, did he come to them give reason.

“He showed total insensitivity throughout this process,” he stressed.

Criticism of Costa dominated the entire demonstration with Miguel Ângelo, from the Union of Workers of the Transforming Industries, Energy and Environmental Activities of the North (Site-Norte), saying that the prime minister is the “figure” at the closure of the refinery.

“He [Prime Minister] was the first person to know”, he reinforced, saying that as long as the “flame does not go out” they will continue to fight.