Flu seasons happen in wintertime so I could have been more specific in mentioning the 2019/2020 winter flu season compare to the other seasons, there we see in general quite equal numbers. But from then on may/ june 2020 until sept 2021, Martyn is 100% correct, increasing deathnumbers all the time.

Starting with so called covid 19 victims ending up in hospital, being treated with an unapproved and experimental medicine remdesivir which is causing lots of sideeffects to longs and kidneys, which results in many patients ending up on a ventilator in the IC, where quite a lot of patients do not survive, instead of using the very cheap medicines hydroxychlorocine and ivermectin which are already approved by the FDA for over 40 years , which have been curing many covid 19 (influenza) patients worldwide and which have much less sideeffects than aspirine or paracetamol.

Martyn please read the comment from the doctor from arao as well , where he stated that people get € 9000 if they agree to falsify their familymember deathcertificat , what he forgot to tell is that in the USA every patient ended up on the ventilator , the doctors receive a bonus of $ 39.000. On the internet so far I´ve seen 7 nurses already explaining why they (and according to them hundreds of their collegues) are resigning, because they are very scared to take the jab after seeing so many patients arriving in hospitals with severe adverse reactions from the jab of which quite a lot end up in death.Inform yourself by the undertakers, some of them are more then twice as busy as normal. So Martyn I do agree 100% with you that if it was not for the covid plandemic (resulting in spreading fear, wrong treatments and toxic vaccins), 100.000 people in England and wales would still be alive.