At a time when the results of 98% of the parishes are accurate, the PS was the party who most elected women for mayor, with 18 of the 28, which corresponds to 12.86 percent of the total number of chambers that the party won.

This was followed by the PPD/PSD, with four chambers led by women (5.80% of the total number of chambers won by the PSD), the PSD/CDS-PP coalitions that managed to elect three women as mayor and the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) (which runs in alliance with the Ecologist Party Os Verdes – PEV) with two women in the leadership (11.11% of the total number of chambers that the party won).

Finally, the Anadia First Independent Movement (MIAP) elected Teresa Belém as president of that chamber, with 45.34% of the votes.

Cristina Calisto (PS), elected as Mayor of Lagoa, Azores, was the woman who achieved the highest percentage of votes (62.63%).

On the other hand, Helena Lapa (PS) was elected to preside over the Chamber of Sabrosa with the lowest percentage of votes (28.86%).