In a statement released by the National Maritime Authority (AMN), it is said that "a vessel with 10 people on board capsized", and at 2:12 pm, a boat from the Lifeguard Station was immediately dispatched to the site from Ferragudo and another from the local Command of the Maritime Police of Portimão.

"The elements of the Lifesaving Station located the 11 people already on land, having rescued them and transported them to the Ferragudo wharf, where elements of the Lagoa Volunteer Firefighters and elements of the "SeaWatch" Project who provided assistance to the victims awaited" , reads the statement.

According to AMN, one of the people suffered minor injuries on one of their lower limbs and was referred to a hospital unit.

For reasons of safety for navigation, the maritime-tourist vessel was towed to the marina in Portimão.