Fortunately, printer brands do not have a monopoly on supplies. Compatible printer ink cartridges in Europe offer a similar quality, often for a fraction of the price. For example, the Smart Ink store has options for every popular model of HP and Canon. These products are perfectly legal, and they allow you to save a lot (25-50%) on every cartridge.

How Compatible Cartridges Work

These products are designed by third-party manufacturers, and they are developed especially for particular printer models. As the term suggests, the supplies are compatible with the original equipment. However, this does not mean they are counterfeit, as minor design distinctions let the producers profit without breaking the law.

Both the cartridge and the ink come from the same company. This is more convenient than getting a refill, as you do not have to take your old cartridge to a service provider, and there is no need to worry about the quality of ink or workmanship. When original cartridges are refilled, the employees must be careful to inject the right amount of ink without bubbles or damage to the sensitive elements.

Key Advantages

Like products from any industry, compatible cartridges are not created equal. To avoid shady suppliers, consumers should do their homework and choose reliable firms with certified quality (for example, compliance with ISO). Such companies do not just provide cartridges at affordable prices. They also care about their customer satisfaction, offering:

  • updated version of the chip to guarantee compatibility,
  • maximized volume (XL),
  • testing of every product before shipping,
  • free shipping,
  • 2-year warranty,
  • sustainable production.

Why Is It Legal?

These products are for the perfect combination of a low price, high volume and quality comparable to the originals. Naturally, major brands regard these alternatives as a threat, and they have already tried to outlaw them. However, those attempts have failed, so they cannot prohibit the use of third-party replacements. Any printer brand urges customers to stick to original supplies, but it can only give recommendations.

In recent years, the manufacturers have started releasing firmware that programs their equipment to reject third-party supplies. This is not a big problem, as you can always disable the updates. Moreover, the use of third-party supplies will not void your warranty for the printer.