The event will be taking place on 22 October between 10am and 6pm and on 23 of October between 11am to 6pm at Centro Cultural de Belém, Praça do Império in Lisbon.

This music and adventure festival for children promises an “intriguing musical voyage of discovery for all involved”.

Big Bang Festival is comprised of traditional music like Fado as well as more contemporary music, tap dancing, sound and visual installations and great acting performances, guaranteeing great entertainment for the whole family.

“The Big Bang is an international project involving several international partners, with different editions taking place in twelve European countries and Canada. Through this project, initiated by the Belgian company Zonzo Compagnie and the CCB and Fábrica das Artes, an important space has opened for the exchange of musical experiences for children, with Portuguese and foreign musicians touring the four corners of Europe.”

The Big Bang Festival offers a variety of music performances such as the Nomads project “Sete Lágrimas” directed Filipe Faria and Sérgio Peixoto with live illustration by JAS and additional young musicians who will perform on both days of the festival. “What Sete Lágrimas proposes for us is a journey through written and oral repertoires, with educational and popular content, which reflects six centuries of shared artistic experiences in a world interconnected, for the first time, by Portuguese sharing of artistic experiences in a world interconnected for the first time by Portuguese caravels and marked, during this long period, by light and shadow, pain and joy, violence and passion, to which the music bears testimony”, states Rui Vieira Nery.

Another musical performance is “Sou filha das ervas” which translates to “I’m the daughter of the herbs” with singers Joana Reais, Susana Quaresma and Tânia Cardoso who will perform on both days.The three female voices sing to the sounds of the strings of the guitar and cello for an intimate concert based on the verses, poems and songs of Amália Rodrigues, following its premiere during the Pharmácia Amália cycle, in February 2020.”

The festival also opens the door to two rooms where musicians of the Big Bang live. “Where you will be able to visit your musical imaginations and get to know these universes and live proposals for adventure on both days of the festival. Michel’s and Jorge’s bedroom encompasses travel notebooks and visions, centered around Michel's original music. The sound of the piano, the bass, the accordion and tap dancing, with images of the universe in the backdrop is sure to captivate young audiences.

The other room is the setting of a musical performance by Tomás Longo on the vibraphone and pianist Samuel Gapp in which they will explore the theme of dreams as they invite us to participate in a moving colourful performance, after all when dreaming, “we know no limits or obstacles and we are free as our imaginations are infinite.” Closing the festival, on each day, will be a concert from the Seven Dixie, who will recreate Dixieland in a concert with themes by great musicians such as Louis Armstrong, King Oliver, Johnny Dodds or Dixie Rebels. “Formed by the sounds of the trumpet, trombone, clarinet, tuba, banjo, piano and drums, the Seven Dixie group has a powerful, fun and almost always fast-paced sound, providing a joyful end to the day.”

For more information about their whole programme, please see , where you can also directly purchase tickets from just 2.50 euros from their official website or at Additionally, you can keep up to date with Lisbon’s Fábrica das Artes by checking out their blog