After the previous edition which was held entirely online, the event returns in a physical format, but requiring the presentation of a Covid-19 digital certificate.

The first day of the 49th edition of Portugal Fashion starts at 14:00, with 'talks' and round tables on fashion in Portugal and Africa, and then at 20:00, eight African fashion designer brands will be presented , with individual fashion shows under the Canex program (Creative África Nexus), resulting from a partnership with the National Association of Young Entrepreneurs (ANJE), through Portugal Fashion, and Afreximbank, with the aim of “promoting African textile and clothing industry in Portugal”.

On the second day of the event, the 13th, arrives the ‘Bloom Upload’, Portugal Fashion's platform that supports young national designers, where fashion shows by Huarte, Rita Ibs and Ahcor will be presented from 6 pm onwards.

The winners of the ‘Bloom PWD By Sonae’ contest will also be known today and there will also be space to reveal the winners of the ‘Eco Design’ contest, by Famalicão Cidade do textile.

The headliners on Thursday, October 14th, are the duo Marques’Almeida (20:00), Rodoviária Katty Xiomara (18:30). The day will be filled with fashion shows by Ernest W. Baker (17:30), Unflower (16:30), Inês Torcato (13:30) and Nuno Miguel Ramos (14:30), among others.

The designer Diogo Miranda opens the day of Friday, October 15, with a show scheduled for 10:30.

At 12:00, the designer Miguel Vieira presents his collection, and then comes Susana Bettencourt (14:30), Estelita Mendonça (15:30), Sophia Kah (16:30), Maison D'Afie pwd by Canex (17:30) and David Catalán (18:30).

The penultimate day of Portugal Fashion ends with the fashion show of the Pé de Chumbo brand (7:30 pm) and Rich Mnisi pwd by Canex (22:00 pm).

The duo Alves/Gonçalves closes Portugal Fashion (22:00) on Saturday, the 16th, but the last journey will be filled with fashion shows by 'designer' Maria Gambina (11:00), Katty Xiomara Presentation (12:00), Hugo Costa (18:30), Alexandra Mora (19:30), Carolina Sobral (15:00), (Re)Veste (14:00) and DaviII (17:30).

On the last day of the fashion event, the collections of several Portuguese footwear brands will also be unveiled, namely Nobrand, Fly London, Ambitious and Rufel, among others.

Portugal Fashion is a project under the responsibility of the National Association of Young Entrepreneurs, which has the support of its strategic partners and is co-financed by Portugal 2020, within the scope of Compete 2020 – Operational Program for Competitiveness and Internationalization, with funds from the European Union , through the European Regional Development Fund.