There are several reasons that may lead us to seek specialised home care, these can be anything from health problems to post-operative care or for the most part, ageing. At times like this, it is important to know who you can count on to provide the care that you or your loved one needs and deserves.

When living abroad, cultural background is an important factor to consider when looking for a home care service. As an ‘expat’, you are likely to feel more comfortable if you have care that is familiar to you and that you are able to communicate easily with the care provider. That's why Saar@home´s team of carers speak a variety of different languages - English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, and of course Portuguese.

Carers bring to the patient's home, not only very specialised care, but also high levels of empathy, a sound understanding of the importance of privacy and dignity and an open heart to help during this delicate phase of life. Saar@home adopts a person-centred approach that guarantees the client is the main focus of all care provision and reinforces this approach through sound clinical governance and staff development, focusing on improved client outcomes for their health and well-being.

Live in care

Live-in care is one of many care solutions and through a research-based assessment for clients that always strives to provide a care package that meets each client’s individual health needs. With a robust recruitment process that includes principles of safer recruitment, Saar@home focuses on building a team that is trustworthy, well trained and understands how important it is for clients to maintain their dignity and self-worth.

For those requiring a high level of care Saar@home offers a 24/7 home assistance service, with a team of normally two or three people rotating - “but always the same face - not a different person every day - we’ll be living in the person’s home and we will take care of everything”, said the company managers.

Many, despite having health and social needs, would choose to remain at home in an environment that is comfortable and safe for them. People are very emotionally attached to their home and what it represents - comfort, memories, maybe pets, so having someone in the home to assist in everyday living, providing support and companionship makes for a better quality of life in familiar surroundings. This approach is often the least invasive package of care that leaves you in control of your life and your own environment, when compared to alternatives, such as moving into a care home.

Medical and non-medical home care

Saar@home offers non-medical home care services, as well as nursing care, specialist palliative care, post-operative care. All these options are nurse lead by teams of carers or nurses that receive in-house training. Non-medical services provide assistance with the day to day needs of life that don’t require medical intervention, e.g. nutrition and hydration checks, meal planning, grocery shopping, assistance with bathing, laundry and cooking, pet sitting, and much more.

For situations which require special attention from carers, Saar@home has a trained team dedicated to people with dementia, providing an assessed and planned care package for their specific needs.

Saar@home recognises the importance of community presence and participation and enjoys working towards supporting people with activities that they enjoy. The team is open to helping with hobbies that their clients love but that they have difficulty doing on their own. “We can organise someone to go there, for example, once a week, to pick up on those things that the person likes, for instance, painting, walking, poetry, to name but a few.”

But it doesn't end here - Saar@home has an ocean of options available to you, or your loved one all aimed at making life easier, more comfortable for those in need: holiday care support - very helpful when someone is on a family holiday and needs special care for a short period of time in Portugal- or, in terms of practicality and peace of mind, a Panic Alarm with GPS in the form of hand held or necklace type device easily activated in cases of emergency.

Family and friends who care deserve a break – so if you are the primary carer of someone and you need support or a break, Saar@home is at your disposal. A period of respite for a carer looking after a loved one, can provide vital time to recharge and refocus.

A phone call is all it takes to get the ball rolling. Thereafter the Saar@home Care Coordinator will make an ‘assessment visit’ totally free of charge. During that visit the type of care required can be advised and agreed and all other related queries answered ensuring that the services ultimately agreed upon best meet the needs of the client.

Help is just a phone call away! If you would like to speak directly with Saar@home, please call +351 961 310 877 or take a look at the website