The fund investment, thanks to its hassle-free nature, is on the radar of investors who would like to benefit from the current investment threshold. However, this attention is likely not going to decrease even after the changes. Here is why:

Travel Restrictions

Travel restrictions are one of the key causes for the shift in the investor focus to investment funds. This is understandable because real estate investment requires a physical inspection, while fund investment can be done remotely. Unlike property acquisition, it can be effectively managed remotely with the assistance of a professional advisor. Lower costs, tax efficiency, and investment diversification are some of the other incentives.


This is another incentive that attracts investors. With the Portugal Golden Visa investment fund option, investors have the option to split their investment between multiple funds. Being able to do diversification is a huge motivation for investors who don’t want to put all of their eggs in one basket.

Increasing Awareness

Investors who are used to the traditional real estate investment route were initially skeptical about the investment funds. However, as the number of reputable funds grew and demand increased, the visibility helped prospective investors understand the option in more detail. With the increasing number of guides and content, investors also learned to ask the right questions and examine the funds thoroughly.

Dominance of US Investors

Portugal Golden Visa has always been popular with US citizens. However, since the introduction of the investment funds, investors from the US became even more interested, as they’re more accustomed to intangible investments such as funds. With the increased American attention, funds see more and more investment directed their way.

So, What Is Next?

There were only three or four investment funds available when the Portugal Golden Visa investment fund option qualified for €350,000 a couple of years ago. Now, there are more than 30 funds on the market, the competition is getting more intense. Furthermore, more funds are going to be introduced in the coming months and years, which will make the competition even more aggressive.

Most of our investors say the number one reason they chose to work with us is our independent nature and transparency. This is very crucial when you’re taking the route of fund investment. Make sure to steer clear from alternative motives or “advisors” with undisclosed relations to funds or developers. Ask all possible questions to assure you’re working with the right professionals before you commit yourself.

Please feel free to send us any inquiries you might have on Portugal Golden Visa. My colleagues at Get Golden Visa and I will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Charles Taylor Harris
Executive Director, Get Golden Visa