Uber has launches the UberX Saver service in the metropolitan area of ​​Lisbon. This travel option, which was launched in Porto in June of this year, is now available in the app for Lisbon residents at times and in areas with less traffic at a lower price.

UberX Saver is another service aimed at supporting the gradual return to normality and the recovery of cities.

Acording to the company: “To use UberX Saver, users just need to open their Uber app and check the available options. The opening hours are not fixed and follow the dynamics of demand in the city. It is up to the drivers to decide whether they wish to make trips through UberX Saver to increase their income at times or places with less traffic, and they can choose to turn this service on or off at any time.”

"With this new service in Lisbon, we will provide a more accessible mobility option for those travelling outside peak hours. At the same time, we will enable drivers and partners to increase their demand when they most need it, thus complementing their total income. For greater flexibility, this option is completely optional for drivers", said Manuel Pina, General Director of Uber in Portugal.