The Portuguese national track cycling team are taking part in the World Championships in Roubaix, France, which take place until Sunday.

“It is extremely important to have a good degree of points, on the one hand so that we don't lose our qualification for the next World Cup, [since] the points in this championship are important for the next World Cup. We have to maintain a good degree of points so we don't lose these aspirations”, said coach Gabriel Mendes.

Maria Martins joins Iúri Leitão, João Matias and Rui Oliveira at the competition.

This month, in the Swiss city of Grenchen, Rui Oliveira was crowned European scratch champion and won bronze at Madison, alongside Iúri Leitão, European vice chanpion in the points. João Matias, on the other hand, was second in elimination.

That was “a good European Championship”, said Gabriel Mendes, even though 'Tata' Martins didn't perform so well, mainly due to a bad elimination race that jeopardised the omnium Olympic competition.

The qualification process for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games has not yet been announced but the points earned in this competition will all count, while also to ensuring continuity in the World Championship.

“In Olympic disciplines, if we don't get a place at the next World Cup, it makes things more difficult, we are always dependent on others. One of the important aspects of this World Cup is getting a good score”, he added.

The national coach also shared his ambition of “working in Olympic disciplines and others, to be in the top 12 nations in a world context”.

"If we are within this group of nations, we can consider that we are at a good level," he said.