According to a report by Lusa news agency, the fuel station of Feces de Abaixo, in Galicia, Spain, which borders Chaves, in the district of Vila Real, usually receives mostly Portuguese customers, but the recent rise in fuel prices has increased the number of Portuguese customers.

“We've been feeling an increase, but it's not a crazy. Since reopening the borders [closed due to the covid-19 pandemic] for the second time, we've been working well,” says owner Juan Feijó.

At this petrol station, Portuguese are able to save around 16 cents on diesel and 20 cents on 95 petrol, compared to Portugal.

This is the case of Júlio Costa, a tour operator in Chaves who makes 'tours' in Alto Tâmega and in the Eurocity Chaves-Verín, which brings together the Portuguese and Spanish cities in a project of cross-border cooperation.

“I always take advantage of my work in Verín to supply vehicles. It has always been cheaper, but at the moment the savings are enormous”, the owner of Ideias Essencial Tours told Lusa.

With four vehicles, including jeeps and nine-seater vans, Júlio Costa revealed that at the end of the month, fuel savings reach hundreds of euros, depending on the workload.

Among the cars to be refuelled, one with a French license plate stood out. Now living in France but born in the municipality of Valpaços, this driver says he travels thousands of kilometres two or three times a year.

“It's cheaper here and I always come here to get fuel, especially when it's time to leave for France”.

Pensioner Maria Almeida Lusa that she always chooses to fill up in Feces de Abaixo, a tradition that has been going on for years.

“Since I'm retired, I don't use the car very much. But I always come here, it pays off a lot and now even more”, added Maria Almeida, who lives in the city of Chaves and travelled about 11 kilometres to fill up her vehicle.

Despite the increase in demand, which is expected to continue over the next few months, Feijó has not needed to hire more employees, because “there were also no layoffs during the pandemic”.

Of the 12 employees, eight are Portuguese and that is why, although being located in Galicia, most conversations are held in Portuguese between customer and employees.