In a statement, the Algarve municipality said that the continuity of support measures aimed at families and the local economy applied since April 2020 under the “Lagos Apoia” programme was approved at a chamber meeting.

"Exemptions and reductions in fees and tariffs, support in the area of ​​housing, social action, sports, culture, education, social solidarity, companies, taxes and reinforcement of promotional activities are the main areas benefiting from these measures", reads the note.

According to the municipality of Faro district, there are new measures in terms of housing, namely, the increase in the co-payment of support for private renting, which rises from 25% to 35% for certain households.

With regard to complementary means of revenue, the municipality plans to reduce the IMI and IRS rates to be applied in the year 2022 to 0.32% and 1.5%, respectively, and not apply any surcharge in the next year.

The extension of the term of the support measures also provides for maintaining the amendment to the water tariff and the exemption from payment of fees for occupation of public roads and advertising, as well as municipal rents for stores, market stalls and fairs, continues the note.

Maritime tourism companies also remain exempt from any fees that may be stipulated within the scope of the transfer of competences to municipal bodies in the field of maritime, river and lake beaches.

Concessionaires that provide surveillance and assistance to bathers and that have beach support continue to benefit from a 50% co-payment of the gross monthly salary and associated expenses to be paid to lifeguards.

In the case of bathing facilities that do not have associated beach support, this contribution rises to 75%, adds the municipality.

The support measures contained in the program also cover sectors such as health, education, cultural and sports associations, private rental and social support.

The proposal to extend the program will now be submitted to the Municipal Assembly for approval.