The government official specified that the increase in salaries will occur, above all, in the sectors of tourism and commerce, stressing that "the recovery of the economy must be felt by all".

The announcement of the negotiation for salary updates came after an intervention by the PCP's sole deputy, Ricardo Lume, who warned of the “labour degradation” in the autonomous region, with the increase of precarious contracts, generating what he calls “labour nomadism”.

During the debate, the PS, the largest opposition party, and the JPP also questioned the government about the tax burden in the region, indicating that Madeirans "are fed up with paying the debt" created by the Social Democratic executives.

The socialist Vítor Freitas specified that the tax burden is now 35% higher compared to 2011, when the “hidden debt” of the region was detected, and wanted to know what measures of relief will be proposed in the Regional Budget for 2022.

The Secretary of Finance, Rogério Gouveia, guaranteed that "there will be relief" in the IRS, but did not indicate amounts, stressing that the government "craves for its own tax system", being for now conditioned by the Regional Finance Law.

On the other hand, the secretary of Economy, Rui Barreto, recalled that the executive invested 235 million euros in supporting companies during the pandemic, which allowed the maintenance of 68 thousand jobs, in a period in which the regional GDP registered a contraction of 20%, minus €1,000 million.