In a statement sent to Lusa news agency, the ASCCGP states that this total work stoppage, between 00:00 and 23:59 on November 12, a day of strike marked by the Common Front of public administration unions, also arises in protest against the non-fulfilment of a series of demands, including "the immediate payment of the prison security supplement, withheld since January 2014 from all those who exercise the functions of team leader".

Another reason for the strike is related to the "apathy reflected" in the State Budget (OE) for 2022, which the association believes reveals the low importance the Government attaches to the problems affecting the prison guard body (CGP).

Another objective of the strike is the "immediate, fundamental and essential opening of public tender procedures for all career categories of CGP heads".

The fight now launched by the ASCCP is also aimed at "solving the structural problems of the prison system" and demanding the "equation of the main head of the CGP with the main head of the Public Security Police (PSP).

The ASCCGP, chaired by Hermínio Barradas, also defends the "urgent regulation of performance evaluation through the publication of the competent legal diploma".

In terms of human resources, the ASCCGP warns of a deficit of 1,000 staff, due to the "terrible" implementation of retirement and pre-retirement and the aging of staff, noting that this situation endangers the "normal" functioning of prisons and compromises the rights of inmates and the activities of prison system officials.

Along with other statutory problems, the ASCCGP states that "there is no dialogue with the government" and that they cannot be heard by the executive.