Art Show Algarve, organised by artist Lynn Collins, will be taking place at Guia Football Club Café, on the high street, on the 21 and 22 of November, 27 and 28 of November and 11 and 12 December, from 12pm to 7pm. The free entry art sale supports local artists who have been substantially hit by the pandemic.

I had the pleasure of speaking to two fantastic artists whose work will be exhibited at the show. Oliver Garbsch has been a sculptor, since 2010 and is also the owner of Marie e Oli’s Restaurant in Armação de Pêra. Lynn Collins is an abstract and mixed media artist, since 2015. There will be a wide variety of art on display and a range of prices. It will also be the perfect opportunity to pick up occasional cards as Rowan Marques, Wendy Frost and Lynn Collins will be bringing their beautifully painted cards. Lynn Collins also added that “masks will be worn and health and safety rules will be followed and I will also make sure it is not too crowded.”

On the 20 and 21 of November, the local artists exhibiting their work are modern and mixed media artist, Wendy Frost, Leanne Byrom, an artist that specialises in nature and animals, Lynn Collins who is an abstract and mixed media artist, abstract artists William Davis and Paulo Rui Araujo, contemporary abstract artist Lynette Bednall, abstract expressionist artist Shelley Folley, modern artist Samantha Van Der Westhuizen, realist and abstract artist Patricia Faisca and abstract artist Aynur Foring.

On the 27 and 28 of November, there will be Aynur Foring, Lynn Collins, Leanne Bryom, Lynette Bednall, Patricia Faisca, Paulo Rui Araujo, Samantha Van Der Westhuizen, Shelley Folley and two new additions will be sculpturist Oliver Garbsch and Bob Tidy, who is a photographer and digital artist. On the final weekend of the Art Show, there will be Wendy Frost, William Davis, Aynur Foring, Lynn Collins, Leanne Byrom, Paulo Rui Araujo, Shelley Folley, Samantha Van Der Westhuizen and new addition Rowan Marques whose work is on eclectic subjects.

Oliver Garbsch, told me that he “loves abstract and surrealist art and I incorporate local Algarvian products in my sculptures.” He also revealed that “it is my first time exhibiting sculptures in a show and I am happy I have got the opportunity.” He will be bringing 10 sculptures and said “I want people to know that I am here and hopefully some people will already recognise my sculptures that I have in our restaurant.” He also added that “artists are more than welcome to exhibit their work at Marie e Oli’s Restaurant.”

Painted mannequins

Lynn Collins, moved to the Algarve, in 2003 and co-organises a street dogs Charity called “Make a bid… Make a difference”, with fellow artist Wendy Frost. Lynn Collins became an artist in 2015 and “finds the Algarve an inspiring place to get creative.” She mostly works with acrylics and fun art like her painted mannequins which will be exhibited at the show. “I always loved tattoo designs and bright colours and I enjoy experimenting with different accessories and objects. “I am currently working towards having them in galleries as I love them and have had great responses to them on social media.”

Lynn Collins, told me that “I have met lots of new artists through the organisation, Algarve Artists, which has allowed me to ask lots of new artists if they would like to be part of the Show and has really made such a varied line-up possible. She added that “Art Show Algarve is so important to local artists, who have not been able to sell as many art pieces as pre-pandemic and have really struggled because of the pandemic.”

“I feel that people have not had the money to spend on art as it is a treat. All the artists would appreciate your support and if you can’t buy then please do share local artists works on social media.”

The Art Show will also be framed by great music from singer/ songwriter Joseph Demaree, who will perform at the first two Art Shows. He has been living in Armação de Pêra for the past year and a half and has released two albums whilst living here, called “The Invisible Hand” and “Wish You well”. He is also an artist and will also be exhibiting at the show as he paints plein air landscapes of the Algarve as well as making art and earrings with seashells he finds on the beach. Finally, the last weekend of the art show, will be framed by spherical sounds by sound therapist and musician, Diana Wenck, who will be presenting chilled sounds on her “Caisa Cosma” Handpan and brings new energy to the Algarve.


Following undertaking her university degree in English with American Literature in the UK, Cristina da Costa Brookes moved back to Portugal to pursue a career in Journalism, where she has worked at The Portugal News for 3 years. Cristina’s passion lies with Arts & Culture as well as sharing all important community-related news.

Cristina da Costa Brookes