The Government's draft law amends the rates provided for in the Single Road Tax Code (IUC) and extends the measures to support road transport provided for in the Tax Benefits Statute. It was approved with the votes in favour from the PS, PSD, BE, PCP, PEV, Chega, Liberal Initiative parties and of the non-registered deputy Joacine Katar Moreira.

The CDS-PP, the PAN and the non-attached deputy Cristina Rodrigues abstained.

On Wednesday, parliament had already discussed in general this proposal that reduces the IUC and extends the increase in the deduction of fuel costs, with the opposition considering it insufficient, demanding more structural and environment-friendly solutions.

At issue is the extension, until December 31, 2026 of the measure that allows companies transporting goods and passengers to deduct an amount equivalent to 120% of the expenses incurred with the acquisition, in Portuguese territory, of fuel to supply vehicles.

The Government's proposal also foresees a halving of the Single Circulation Tax (IUC) borne by category D vehicles.

The package also includes support for public road passenger transport (taxis and buses) to the amount of 10 cents per litre of fuel, up to a limit of 380 litres per month for taxis and 2,100 litres per month for buses.

The measure runs from November 1 to March 31, translating into a 'cheque' that will be 190 euros for taxis and 1,050 euros for buses.

Families will also receive, through IVAucher, 10 cents per litre of fuel up to a limit of 50 litres per month, with this amount of 5 euros per month available for five months, between November this year and March 2022.