“'From Devil's Breath' will be part of the documentary series 'Tipping Point' by Trevor Noah [Daily Show presenter] and Time Studios that explores the rapidly happening changes in our culture that promise to alter our world,” announced the British production company, Grain Media.

Orlando Von Einsiedel's film, which won the Oscar for best documentary short in 2017 for “The White Helmets”, tells the story of survivors of the great fire in Pedrógão Grande, which killed 66 people, and their struggle to ensure that such phenomenon “won't happen again,” reports Grain Media.

The recordings for the documentary took place at the beginning of 2020 and portray the story of Nádia Piazza, who lost her son and who was president of the Association of Victims of the Pedrógão Grande Fire, of one of the seriously injured victims, Vítor Neves, and of firefighters.

The story of the survivors and what happened in Pedrógão Grande is crossed with the work and perspective of the English ecologist Thomas Crowther, who works in the restoration of ecosystems, who was also in Pedrógão Grande and who proposes solutions to the problem.

The film's team “was still in doubt which region should be used as an example. They even thought about doing it in California or Australia, but ended up choosing the case of Pedrógão, because it was so devastating, so concentrated and a tragedy with a huge loss of life”, said Tiago Carrasco.

The film was present at the Palm Springs International Film Festival in June and has now been presented at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP26).

According to Time magazine, the documentary also features the contribution of composer Patrick Jonsson and photojournalist Linsey Addario, who won a Pulitzer Prize in 2009.