How much water for lithium extraction

Far too much for satisfaction

This green ideal so much perceived

The peasants once again deceived

Cobalt batteries for electric cars

Hardly green, for me disbars

To be electric it must be, electric motor running free

Not massive dangerous battery, fire hazard 2000C

Is this progress? I disagree

So tell the truth , to you and me

To save this planet you must look East,

Where coal fired power plants are the beasts

No effort of filtration skills, pollute the sky of carbon ills

Short term goals, no hesitation

And the aim world domination

Collecting lithium cobalt, copper too, to manufacture for our kind

If you fail to see what’s going on you really must be very blind

You must not kill this planet off, it’s far too early yet,

We cannot reach another life one, it’s much too far to get

In any case I say to you, this climate change is nothing new

But heed it now we have to change,

And this means now, within our range

If Glasgow’s COP26 meeting is just a blot,

Then it’s far too late, we lose the lot.