ApolloX aims to provide accessibility and anonymity to derivatives trading for both new and experienced traders. Users can easily trade short or long positions in USDT-based perpetual futures contracts with up to 100x leverage. Depending on their priorities, they may choose to trade on either or both the ApolloX CEX and DEX.

The ApolloX DEX facilitates increased privacy through a non-custodial, trustless environment. Traders bypass a sign-up process and simply need to connect to their wallets to start gas-free trading. For traders who prefer to store their assets on-exchange, they can sign-up anonymously to trade using the exchange's hot wallets. Both CEX and DEX offer enhanced security measures including 2FA and address whitelisting.

According to the company: “Cryptocurrency trading has become overly complicated today. ApolloX aims to significantly reduce barriers to entry to trade crypto derivatives and fuel explosive growth of this market”.

New trading pairs 1000SHIBUSDT, SANDUSDT and DOTUSDT were recently added alongside existing markets BTCUSDT, ETHUSDT, DOGEUSDT and more. More markets and the ApolloX native token will be launched in the next month.