The packaging sector is the only urban waste stream to meet national targets for recycling, stresses SPV in a statement.

In the communiqué, it says that the increase in recycling "comes to reinforce the positioning of packaging as a flow of urban waste to meet the national targets for recycling, recently recognized in the official report of the authorities".

“Consumer awareness about recycling is part of the key to success for an organized waste flow with relevant results for environmental protection and compliance with targets”, the statement adds.

SPV, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this month, is a non-profit private institution that organizes and manages the recovery of packaging waste. One of its main objectives is to raise awareness and educate people about the best environmental practices.

In 25 years, more than 55 million euros have been invested in awareness campaigns and 13 million euros in research and development.

According to Ana Isabel Trigo de Morais, president of SPV, mentioned in the communiqué, the urban packaging recycling targets (55%) have been met and even exceeded.

“But ahead we have the ambitious goal of reaching 65% recycling of all packaging placed on the market by 2025”, she concluded.