The workers, led by union leader Samuel Vieira, also explained to the local authority the impact of the reduction in jobs.

In addition to "fair and decent wages" and the "admission of effective workers", the national strike that workers are currently complying with is aimed at calling for "a change in the organisational model in all sectors of the company", according to the union leader.

“In Amarante, the 23 jobs were decreased to 21. Obviously, when there were already difficulties [in distribution], these people will not be able to guarantee delivery and comply with the postal service contract,between CTT and the Government”.

The leader stressed that the new distribution system and the reduction of jobs could reduce delivery, in several places in the municipality, “to one or two days a week”.

Samuel Vieira said that he met with customers who complained about the service, suggesting that there are cases of delays in the delivery of important documents and notifications.

The union leader justified the meeting with the parish council with the need for local authorities to be able to have “a role of persuasion and action before the company and competent entities”.

To Lusa, the chairman of the board, Américo Paulo Ribeiro, said he was "in solidarity" with the workers, because the "fulfilment of a public service" is at stake.

"What worries us is the delivery time and the routes, which will be changed here and which will harm users", he said, adding that the municipality will express its concern to CTT.

“This reform worsens what used to be a service renowned for its ability to deliver, in good time”, he concluded.