Ana Abrunhosa has guaranteed that the discounts on tolls on ex-SCUT motorways will continue into the next year, regardless of the updates that concessionaires may make.

"What I can guarantee is that the discounts we had in 2021 will remain in 2022", even without a budget, "I can guarantee that we are able to continue to apply" these discounts, said the minister in an interview with Antena 1 and Jornal de Business.

A proposal by the PSD, the 50% discount on the toll fee was approved by parliament under the State Budget for 2021.

At the time, the Government estimated an impact of €160 million annually due to this reduction in tolls.

The 2022 Budget proposal estimated an impact of between €80 and €90 million on the public purse.

The new discount regime applies to toll rates on each ticket on the sections and sub-stretches of the former SCUT roads, namely the A22-Algarve (Via do Infante), A23 – IP, A23 – Beira Interior , A24 - North Interior, A25 – Beiras Litoral and Alta, A28 – Norte Litoral, Grande Porto (A41, A42) and Costa da Prata concessions.