After enduring a major spike in cases over the first half of 2021, Turkey is now easing restrictions in the country. Many places are open as normal and the vaccination rate has reached nearly 60% of the entire Turkish population. In most cases, travelers need to possess a vaccination proof and negative COVID-19 test.

Keep on reading to find out the most essential information regarding entry requirements before you embark on your trip to Turkey.

Documents required to enter Turkey

All travelers who cannot enter Turkey visa-free are required to obtain an entry permit. Several dozens of countries can obtain visas electronically. Depending on their nationality, they can apply either for a single-entry or multiple-entry e-Visa Turkey. The processing time usually takes up to 3 business days.

One more obligatory entry document introduced due to the ongoing pandemic is a Turkey Entry Form. It must be completed at least 72 hours in advance of departure. A traveler entering Turkey needs to carry a paper or electronic copy of the entry form and show it upon arrival when asked.

Current Turkish entry requirements

Currently, all foreign travelers can travel to Turkey but need to meet certain requirements.

Those foreigners who have visited Brazil, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, or Bangladesh within the last 2 weeks before traveling to Turkey will be required to undergo a 14-day quarantine upon arrival.

A 10-day quarantine is obligatory for Afghans and Pakistanis. In turn, travelers from Egypt, Singapore, Iran, and the UK are required to take pre-arrival tests. The quarantine must be undergone at one of the government-approved hotels at the expense of a traveler. They must book a quarantine reservation before their arrival in Turkey.

All travelers must provide a PCR test with a negative result. The test is to be taken 72 hours prior to the departure. Those who can provide a vaccination certificate confirming that they have received the full coronavirus vaccine minimum of 14 days before their trip, are exempt from the pre-departure test requirement.

Arrivals to Turkey should be prepared for random testing at all of the country’s airports. Anyone tested positively upon entry will need to undergo a 14-day quarantine that will be terminated upon receiving a negative coronavirus test result to be taken on the 10th quarantine day.

The only travelers who are exempt from test or vaccination requirements are children under six years of age and passengers only making transit through Turkey.

Coronavirus-related restrictions witihin the country

Turkey has been returning to the pre-covid normality. People can enter restaurants, shops, and similar places without the number limits of the persons allowed.

Nevertheless, to participate in more crowded events, e.g. concerts, a person must present a vaccination proof or negative test taken no earlier than 48 hours before a certain event.

No matter the place entered, masks, social distancing, hygiene, and similar protective measures should be always respected in order to stay safe during the stay in Turkey.