Following last year’s digital version of the festival due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the fantastic Aljezur Sweet Potato Festival returns with some restrictions and adaptations, but very close to "normality".

“It has been necessary to make some adjustments, to respond to the requirements and restrictions still imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, and to make sure we have a larger and safer space for those who visit us, the Municipality of Aljezur did not want to fail to take a step forward and wanted to make sure this important event would take place.”

The variety of gastronomy on offer will pass through tasquinhas with a Snack Zone inside that will present the sweet potato of Aljezur in a snack format for a more “modern" and light option of sweet potato, giving full credit to the great restaurants of the municipality and will nicely compliment the gastronomic offers of this edition of the festival.

A world of sweet potato

Additionally, there will be many exhibitors who will bring craftsmanship and regional products, accompanied by entertainment, who will bring vibrancy to the festival, who promise to delight the thousands of visitors who are expected over the weekend in Aljezur. Sweet potato lovers are bound to be tempted by the many delicious desserts who will continue to have a strong presence at every corner of the festival. The Sweet Potato of Aljezur will be showcased in various ways including through various pastries, in chocolate, in liqueur, in jam, in brandy, in ice cream or even through refreshing and tasty beers! Visitors can also buy the best sweet potato in the world, which is unquestionably unique and has protected geographical identification (PGI) by the Association of Sweet Potato Producers of Aljezur. The Association will also be baking sweet potato in a wood oven and have fried sweet potato for all its visitors to indulge in.

The commitment and affirmation of this quality product has been in recent decades a permanent concern of the Municipality of Aljezur, as they have continued to support its producers as well as the Association of Sweet Potato Producers. The Festival of Sweet Potato of Aljezur is one of the most visible aspects of this partnership, with its main objective being the valorisation of agricultural production of this product which encompasses a unique flavor and characteristics, due to the areas edaphoclimatic conditions.

There are many tempting gastronomic products to enjoy in Aljezur over the weekend of the 26 to the 28 of November so please come and try this gastronomic delicacy in all its glory for yourself!

You can visit the Aljezur Sweet Potato Festival from 12pm to midnight on Friday, 26 and Saturday, 27November, and on Sunday, 28 they are open from 12pm to 10pm and it is free entry and parking. It is important to note that the festival requires you to bring your Covid-19 digital certificate or a negative test. Their website has more information about the whole festival including five wonderful sweet potato recipes which you can try out at home!

For more information, please see or contact the Municipio de Aljezur on 282 990 010.