Look! those trees waving at us?

Are trees are waving at us?

They not shouting or hailing a bus

Wind is blowing, the trees are froing with branches tossing and blowing

Maybe the trees are waving Hi!

Or are they waving goodbye?

With multicolor tapestry, together in majesty, the trees are waving at us

Its not our attention, but our suspension, that’s why the trees wave at us

The trees grow bigger and live longer than us

They may cover the globe, but are losing their hold

All because of us

Money & greed, with an excuse to feed, we destroy our forests indeed?

The trees are waving at us, it must be deliberate, so let’s be considerate

And remember what they provide for us

From fruits & nuts, oil and oxygen, medicine and paper, cherries to berries

A shady rest, they’re the best

Don’t cut me to size, I’m on your side, consuming your Carbon Dioxide

I’m your sunset lace or morning embrace, putting a smile on your face

A cork in your bottle or your wooden wattle

The trees are waving at us, they want our assist so let’s persist, don’t resist

Protect our trees, make you believe, because they are waiting on us

Keep them waving to us