According to a joint statement from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Justice, the two government areas involved in the initiative, the aim is for this to be a possibility to be available to the entire Portuguese community abroad.

Since December 2020, Portuguese residents in the UK and France were able to do this online.

Online access to birth registration is done through the Portal da Justiça and allows parents to request the birth registration of their children, free of charge, without the need to travel to the consular post in the area of ​​jurisdiction where they reside.

The request applies only to children under one year of age, children of Portuguese who can authenticate using a digital mobile key or citizen card, in this case using a card reader and PIN codes for the address and authentication.

As well as the delivery of the citizen card by post to national citizens residing abroad, this measure is also provided for in the new consular management model, which aims to “facilitate the relationship of citizens with the consular network through the simplification of administrative acts”, reads the statement.