“We presented our concerns to the Portuguese Ministry of Environment and we are also going to present these allegations to the Government of Spain about a document that is under public consultation in the neighbouring country, since ours does not yet have a project, and this strategic environmental assessment of the Spanish plan on the impact on the Tagus in Portugal”, said the spokesperson for the Movement for the Tagus, Paulo Constantino, to Lusa.

In the document, to which Lusa had access, proTEJO accuses Spain of “wanting to deceive the Portuguese State with false ecological flows in Cedillo, in the hydrological plan of the Tagus in Spain for 2022/2027”, having criticized “the lack of uniformity in the calculation methods of ecological flows” in the Spanish plan.

“The proposed ecological flows for the Cedillo dam are a replica of the minimum flows foreseen in the Albufeira Convention, which will reproduce the pressures and impacts that over the years have allowed the deterioration of the ecological status of water bodies in the Tagus River in Portugal”, noted Constantino.