"The Portuguese language is a very important language all over the world [...] It is also important in France, not only because there are many French people of Portuguese origin, but also because we have many relationships with Portugal and it is a magnificent language, with a very beautiful literature, so we are very supportive of the development of the Portuguese language," said the minister in statements to Lusa.

For the minister, learning foreign languages ​​in France has been a constant concern, being pointed out as an Achilles' heel for students and the French workforce.

The government official promised to set up the Superior Council for Languages ​​in France by the end of the year, whose mission will be to improve language learning in France and Portuguese will be one of the target languages.

"We have a long-term plan to set up a Superior Council for Languages ​​and we are attentive to the development of certain languages ​​in France and the Portuguese language is part of these efforts", guaranteed the minister.