The Ministry of Internal Administration (MAI) data also shows that at least 10 airlines were fined for having transported passengers without a negative Covid-19 test or recovery certificate, mandatory conditions since 1 December to enter mainland Portugal through air borders.

On the first day of this measure, to contain the increase in the number of Covid-19 cases, the Public Security Police and SEF inspected 29,331 passengers and 282 flights, which resulted in 152 administrative offenses against passengers who travelled without a negative test for Covid-19 or recovery certificate, according to MAI.

Of the 152 administrative offenses, 110 were raised by the PSP, which controls passengers from flights originating in the Schengen area, and 42 by SEF, which supervises travellers from countries outside the Schengen area.

MAI also indicates that the 152 administrative offenses include two foreigners who were refused entry into the country for not having presented a test on arrival, since only Portuguese citizens, and foreigners residing in the country are allowed to carry out the test at the airport.

Airlines that transport passengers without a negative Covid-19 test incur a fine of between €20,000 and €40,000 per passenger, and travellers are also subject to fines for not presenting a test on arrival, which can be between €300 and €800.

Passengers on domestic flights, children under 12 and crews are exempt from mandatory testing, PCR or rapid.

The GNR and SEF are also carrying out random inspection operations at land borders to ensure that Covid-19 tests are carried out.

According to data from MAI, the GNR carried out 40 operations that allowed inspections of 864 vehicles and 84 public transport, which gave rise to 12 administrative offenses for lack of a recovery test or certificate.