Health Secretary, Pedro Ramos, said: “The vaccines [destined to vaccinate children] arrive on December 13, a week ahead of schedule”.

The government official highlighted that the region will receive 25% of the total vaccines acquired by Portugal, and that around 17,500 doses are expected to arrive in the region by the end of the year.

These doses “will be distributed to all municipalities”, and will start to be administered “as soon as possible”, after reception.

He predicted that, if the batch arrives as scheduled on December 13th, the inoculation of the children will start on the following day, December 14th.

"I want and need to vaccinate children", declared Pedro Ramos, arguing that "the benefits outweigh the risks", and that they "constitute, at this moment, a vulnerable group and, therefore, should and will be vaccinated".

Adding that the first ones to be inoculated will be children with associated pathologies and, later, those who have permission from their parents or guardians, the secretary announced that this vaccine "will become part of the Regional Vaccination Plan".

This vaccination process will cover “14,715 children between the ages of five and 11”, he emphasised.