Typically, the time around Christmas usually brings with it a strong spirit of solidarity, there are several solidarity campaigns present in various parts of the country that appeal to the kindness of citizens.

Paula Petronilho, told The Portugal News, that StarPadelBabes "are not exactly a female padel team", instead they see themselves as a "group of regular players", who play in an existing club in Coimbra called StarPadel. The group started its activity in 2018 and currently has around 160 players, “of all ages”, where the vast majority are members of the club.

Since the creation of the group, in 2018, during the Christmas season, they have organised a "solidarity project." Paula Petronilho explained that the first project carried out by StarPadelBabes focused on “support and collection of gifts for women and children who were victims of domestic violence”, which had the support of Cáritas de Coimbra. In 2019, the group decided to financially help the “Casa dos Pobres de Coimbra”, facilitating the acquisition of necessary medical equipment. During the 2020 Christmas season, support was provided to the homeless and needy families in Coimbra. Through the institution Ninho da Mariazinha, it was possible to deliver "baskets with food and clothing for a more comforting Christmas dinner."

2021 campaign

2021 will be no different and the group will financially support APPACDM, specifically the S. Silvestre Occupational Activities Centre, which directly supports people "with intellectual disabilities and severe disability, aged 16 or over", to integrate personally disabled people. Paula Petronilho told The Portugal News that the centre’s management was contacted, to “understand their needs.” Thus, the collection of funds will help in the fixing of the walls of six rooms that show some wear, namely "cracks, humidity and damaged walls." The rooms are of important use, as this is where users "stay throughout the day."

Fundraising is already underway, although it will culminate during the tournament taking place on 8 December. In the same tournament, sweatshirts with the group's logo will also be sold. The payment, both for the registration and the sweatshirt, “will see €5 revert to the association”, each. As of the date of the interview with The Portugal News, Paula Petronilho says that around €800 have already been raised. APPACDM will also be present during the tournament to sell "products made by its users, as well as publicise its services to the community."

The initiative has been shared on the group's official Instagram page (@starpadel_babes) to allow anyone to donate whatever amount they want to the institution, by bank transfer through IBAN PT50 0036 0414 9910 6004 5941 8. Paula Petronilho only warns that when donating, a reference should be made to the group, to make the process easier for the StarPadelBabes action.

Despite being a solidarity tournament, Paula Petronilho admits that "the spirit of competition is present" in each of the players, however as a group, in this tournament, there are other objectives, namely, to collect "the greatest possible donations", to offer the association chosen for the 2021 fundraiser.

The estimated budget for the rehabilitation of the APPCDM rooms will be around five thousand euros, thus, the objective is for the income obtained to be as close as possible to the value.