According to the president of the Regional Tourism Entity (ERT), Victor Silva: "The point of the situation, at the moment, is that almost everything is sold out".

Vítor Silva, added that there have been “some cancellations”, but these “have been filled with other reservations”, for the same festive period.

“I don't have a crystal ball, I don't know what's going to happen”, but “if Christmas and New Year were now, in these days, the Alentejo would be almost at the top”, stressed the official.

At this time, tourist units in the region have recorded a high number of reservations, with emphasis on rural tourism, spaces where the risk of last-minute cancellations is low.

“There won't be any cancelations, because there are numerous groups of friends and families who reserve rural tourism and these people will not be concerned about being together with other people”, said Vítor Silva.

Vítor Silva also explained that, at this time of year, tourist units survive “fundamentally” from national tourism, and during this festive season, the arrival of “a significant number” of foreign tourists is not foreseeable.