In a statement, the Metropolitan Command of Lisbon (Cometlis) of the PSP specifies that 11 crimes of qualified fraud are being investigsted, five of forgery or counterfeiting of documents and one crime of computer fraud linked to the purchase and sale of houses.

"The two women, since August 2020, have worked in several real estate companies for the purchase, sale and rental of properties, and developed an illegitimate enrichment scheme that consisted of attracting potential property buyers, ensuring them the approval of financing for the entire value of the property”, explains the PSP.

According to the statement, the two women would ask people who raised “the payment of various amounts, informing them that it was necessary to proceed with the process, ensure the reservation of the property, signal effects, transfer tax effects real estate and stamp duty and for the payment of future public deeds, scams that amount to around €80,000”.

“Following an investigation and in possession of the respective arrest warrants, issued outside the flagrante delicto by the judicial authority, the police intercepted and detained the two suspects. From the research carried out, several pieces of evidence were collected”, emphasises Cometlis.

As part of the operation, four search and seizure warrants were carried out in the areas of Cascais, Sintra and Benfica (Lisbon), with the authorities seizing various computer equipment and documentation related to the crime under investigation.