The GNR will also pay attention to complying with the sanitary measures decreed for the state of calamity.

During the operation, which started on Monday with awareness-raising actions, the GNR will reinforce patrolling in order to ensure safe travel during the festivities, also contributing to the fulfilment of the necessary measures to contain the Covid-19, in the entire national territory, said the GNR in a statement.

The operation aims to fight crime and intensify road patrols on the busiest routes.

The GNR "will take into account the greater road flow on the routes from the places of habitual residence of citizens to the places of festivities associated with Christmas and New Year celebrations, as well as adopt prevention and awareness mechanisms to the population, to avoid the occurrence of thefts inside homes and establishments during this period when people are away from their homes”.

According to the GNR, the operation also aims to ensure compliance with the regulations decreed in the event of a disaster and to sensitise the population to refrain from actions, attitudes and behaviours that may, in some way, enhance the spread of the virus.

The GNR warns that people must refrain from actions, attitudes and behaviours that could enhance the spread of Covid-19, and must follow and ensure compliance with the guidelines of the health authorities.

For drivers who have to travel, the GNR advises that they adapt their speed to the weather conditions, the condition of the road and the volume of road traffic, to remain calm in situations of high traffic intensity, which may force circulation at low speed and avoid manoeuvers that could result in the occurrence of accidents.