“Dubai built in 50 years, from scratch, a tourist destination capable of, by 2030, receiving 40 million tourists. In the same period, in Portugal, we were not even able to choose the location of a new airport. A shame that could create serious problems for us in the short term”, declared Luís Pedro Martins.

In an interview with Lusa agency, Luís Pedro Martins reiterated that the discussion surrounding Lisbon airport is a “scandal”.

“Fifty years later, we still don't have a decision [about the location]”, he lamented, referring that the “problem is not just the money”, because he argues that the airport is not built, but “it is not for lack of money”.

Still on air connectivity with the destination Porto and North of Portugal, the president of TPNP said that the “overwhelming majority” of airlines operating in 2019, before the Covid-19 pandemic, will return in 2022 to Sá Carneiro Airport, district of Porto, “almost at the same levels as the 2019 operation”.