Following a 11.5% rise in the second quarter, the pace of rent growth slowed in the following quarter. According to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), between July and September, leases were 7.4% more expensive, with a national median of €6.08.

Lisbon, as usual, remains the most expensive city to rent a house in the entire country.

Between July and September, 22,305 new lease contracts for family accommodation were signed in the country, which shows a decrease of 4.2% compared to the previous quarter. In this period, the median value of rents rose 7.4% to €6.08 compared to the same quarter of last year, a less accentuated increase than that observed in the second quarter (11.5%), when rents were at €6.03.

In an analysis of the country's 25 sub-regions (NUTS III), there were four with rents above the national value, with the capital as the most expensive area. In the Lisbon Metropolitan Area (AML), where 7,516 new lease contracts were signed — about a third of the total — the median value of rents stood at €9.04. Then it is the Algarve (€6.78), the Metropolitan Area of ​​Porto (€6.65) and Madeira (€6.28).