The investment will be carried out under a collaboration agreement between the municipality, the Institute for Housing and Urban Rehabilitation (IHRU) and the Secretary of State for Housing, which allows access to financing up to 100% through the program created by the Government with funds from the Recovery and Resilience Program (PRR) for this area.

“The Albufeira Local Housing Strategy is a dynamic instrument, which changes according to circumstances and is constantly being updated”, said José Carlos Rolo.

At issue is, quantified the mayor, an "overall investment of approximately 18 million euros", which will allow the process to "start" "because the signals made daily at the municipality's housing service indicate a growing number of families that can become part of the program”.

José Carlos Rolo thanked the partners for the support given in this collaboration agreement and in the elaboration of the Local Housing Strategy, which made it possible to identify priorities in a municipality in need of labour for its tourist facilities, with a young population, and where the creation of decent housing “is now a concern in the municipality's global strategy”.