In a statement, the PSP states that, between December 27 and January 2, they detained 230 people, 76 of which for driving under the influence of alcohol, 57 for lack of legal license to drive and 17 for drug trafficking, and apprehended 1,500 drug doses, having also served 26 arrest warrants.

During that period, in which the PSP was “particularly attentive” to the New Year's festivities, they inspected around 19,583 vehicles and detected 321 drivers driving under the influence of alcohol and 1,419 vehicles speeding.

The PSP also recorded 307 vehicles circulating on public roads without mandatory periodic inspection, 82 administrative offenses for lack of mandatory insurance, 34 for non-use or incorrect use of seat belts and 70 for using a mobile phone while driving, one of the main causes of road accidents.

In terms of road accidents, PSP recorded 534 accidents on the mainland, causing 133 minor injuries and seven serious injuries.

In the Autonomous Regions of Madeira and the Azores, this police registered 76 accidents, which resulted in 20 minor injuries and two serious injuries.