The Longevity brand was internationally voted by the World Travel Seven Star Luxury Awards as the Best Medical SPA in the world, and also by the prestigious Tatler Awards as the “Most Life Changing SPA” in the world. Also referred by Traveller, from Conde Nast Group, as a Leading Medical SPA in the world, the Longevity brand has been achieving international recognition and success in a consistent way.

The differentiating concept implemented, involves embracing a strong pillar of the Longevity Wellness Worldwide essence, which is disease prevention and health regeneration, through differentiated diagnostics, comprehensive detoxification, purification and de-acidification solutions of the body and anti-aging medicine, among others. A wide range of complementary diagnostic and treatment solutions are available, in a hospital environment (Alvor Hospital) which includes complete check-ups, specialty consultations, sports rehabilitation and ambulatory, plastic or conventional surgeries.

Today’s lifestyle associated with - stress, insufficient sleep, unbalanced diet, pollution, lack of exercise, among others - precipitate premature aging due to disturbances in the normal functions of the cells. This imbalance results mainly in inflammation and oxidation of the cells, increased free radicals, cell metabolic disorders, toxins and fatty acids, gastrointestinal disorders, and a weakened immune system, among other consequences. In other words, this set of dysfunctions and chronic inflammation manifest themselves in the most prevalent current diseases, which we all know and are at risk of experiencing if we do not alter our behavior: arteriosclerosis, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, kidney failure, hormonal imbalances, dementia or cancer.

The formula for optimal cellular functioning, incorporates a sufficient supply of oxygen, essential nutrients and the efficient elimination of toxins by the organs responsible for this function (liver, kidneys, colon, lungs, lymph glands and skin), which constitute the basis of cellular medicine and constitute the Longevity anti-aging solutions.

This concept is based on Preventive, Personalized, Holistic, Integrative and Regenerative Medicine, based on the principle that it is essential to consult the doctor when we are in good health, to prevent imbalances early, rather than focusing on treating diseases, often severe, chronic and irreversible. By choosing this approach, we move from a reactive to a proactive attitude towards our most precious asset: Health!

Structured health and well-being programs can be of short duration, of medium duration or more intense specialized long-term programs. These programs cover themes such as Relaxation & SPA, Detox (light to intense), Weight Loss, Reshaping, Stress, Energetic Rebalance, Beauty, Facial and Body Rejuvenation, Optimization of Metabolism, Obesity, Diabetes, Cardio Health, Sleep, Men’s and Women’s Health.

With the Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel project, the HPA Health Group offers a comprehensive program in promotion, prevention and health care, combining superior quality and distinction in hospitality.

In 2022, promise yourself more health and discover what preventive medicine can offer you.