The Secretary of State for Internal Administration, Patrícia Gaspar, tells Lusa: “Our goal is that by the end of the first quarter of this year we will have the new 50 operational radars”.

According to the Secretary of State, the contract for the installation of the National Speed ​​Control System (SINCRO) has already been signed, and the process is currently being implemented.

This radar system, which will be installed in 50 locations, will join the first SINCRO that has existed in the country since 2016, with 110 speed checkpoints.

Patrícia Gaspar said that 30 of the 50 radars allow the detection of instantaneous speed and 20 are capable of calculating the average speed on a given route, which is a novelty in relation to the current SINCRO.

A 2020 decree authorized the National Road Safety Authority to spend around €1.6 million until 2022 for the installation and maintenance of the speed control radar system in the country.